Low Morale of Ukraine Military

It’s a tough life in the Ukrainian army – and I’m fairly sure it is not through over-training.

“Ukrainian army suffers 25 non-battle losses in a week” – DAN News

In a week where the force received 25 non-battle losses – the causes are listed in this DAN article – this is not an isolated occurrence, but indicates a great deal of dissatisfaction and unrest among Ukraine’s military units. Maybe they are not getting paid enough to fight what were their own countrymen until recent years. Maybe there never could be enough pay for that. I recall past stories of troops selling valuable US supplied equipment, which kind of fits in with that scenario.

The Ukraine military is lucky that Russia has taken a neutral stand-off position on this situation, restricting their activities to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Donbass people’s republics. But then I believe that the DPR and LPR militias are more than a match for any forces that the Kiev government would dare to field against them. And that may be another factor playing on Ukrainian troop’s minds. Leaving out the injustice they must feel in being called on to continually shell and mortar civilian population areas.

Poor morale in military units does not augur well for their effectiveness when things get real.

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