The Obvious Has Now Been Made Clear – Assad DID NOT Gas His Own People

Not a single word of truth in the whole OPCW statement on the Douma so-called chemical weapon attack incident in April 2018.


How about some apologies now from the OPCW, the UN, and chiefly the US and its NATO allies for completely unwarranted missile attacks (unsuccessful as they were) on Syrian targets for no valid reason. And more than that, to clear up for ever that the so-called chemical weapon attack was a Washington inspired and provisioned story, entirely untruthful, to discredit the legitimate government and president of Syria.

This is typical of the dirty, underhand, undermining of the truth in which Washington continually indulges to influence world events across many spheres, creating an atmosphere of fear and suppression in organisations that should know and act better and on a higher level of ethics and accountability than this.  

Can anyone be trusted to deal only in the truth in the 21st century? 

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