Going Out With A Bang?

The single most dangerous time (for the world) in the cycle of US Presidential incumbency, especially with a President who has accomplished virtually nothing of merit or memorability, is the final year of office for the outgoing President.

He, I was going to say ‘He/She’ but there never has been a ‘She’ and it looks unlikely to happen for a while yet, will be spending that final year desperately looking for something, anything, with which he can go out on a high note.

A war would suffice, would it not?  There doesn’t appear to be much else presenting itself as an option.  Even his climate change proposals have been shot down.

I suppose he could hand back that sick award he was given seven years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize.  What a joke that was.  That would make a splash, of sorts, to leave on.  But no, I don’t see it happening.

So, war it is then, …and the preliminary preparations appear to be under way: The Pentagon has fired the first shot in a new arms race

‘In the last months of his presidency, this detachment is ending.’ President Barack Obama talks to defence secretary Ashton Carter.  Photograph: Pool/Getty Images


See also: US ‘to quadruple defence budget for Europe’

Of course, this belligerent posing by the US, is based on the entirely non-existent ‘Russian aggression’ that they are so afraid of.  It is a complete figment of their imagination but it works in well with their own aggressive purposes.  We all know that they want, and expect to become, Masters of the Universe.  But Russia, or maybe even Russia and China, is standing in the way.  The US may have bullied most of the rest of the world into submission to their hegemonic, hedonistic aims, but those two nations and especially Russia will not in any way bow the knee, and for that we must be very grateful.  That must irk the shit out of the Yanks.

I won’t go into details here, but Russia under President Vladimir Putin, has shown no form of aggression against the United States, nor any European nation either.  On the contrary, he has demonstrated that he is prepared to work with those nations in the best interests of peace in the world.  The world needs Russia and Russia needs the world, just the way it is.  The same cannot be said for the warmongers who gather daily at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill.

To suggest that Russia has in any way invaded or interfered in the Ukraine civil war, is pure nonsense.  There are no Russian forces in Ukraine nor has there been since the breakup of the USSR.  The civil war, the unrest, and the bankruptcy of the state of Ukraine, lays entirely at the feet of the US, their attack dogs in NATO, and the greed and complicity of the European Monetary Union.  Well, all of that hard work the US put in to setting up a puppet state there has backfired in their faces and as usual the US has all but abandoned Ukraine to its fate as a failed state which the EU will have to bail out unless they go crawling back to Russia.

That is the true situation.  It will not be heard in Western circles I know, except in the readership of blogs like mine.  And there are a few.  Some of them with much wider coverage than I will ever have.  Some of them in the US itself.  You see, not all of the people can be fooled all of the time.  The perpetrators of Western aggression need to know that.  And they need to know that they will never reach a state of total dominance over this planet.  Not while people like me are alive.

And, if it comes to actual war,  …well, the much vaunted US military has failed to win one yet.  Unless you count that one where they fought themselves.

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