Australia? – Cooking Jobs Figures? – That’s Not Cricket.

But it is expected.  All governments do it, when they are in crap up to their knees and their backs are against the wall.  It’s the First, A number 1, ACME patented, GoTo in those circumstances.

Read what ZeroHedge has to say: Australia Admits Recent Stellar Job Numbers Were Cooked   Unfortunately, ZeroHedge seldom uses pictures that mean anything to normal human beings (comes from being involved in financial matters I expect) and I am too tired to go looking for images on ‘cooking jobs figures’, so we remain pictureless in this post.

Whatever the excuses (please don’t ever mistake excuses for reasons) for cooking up fantastic numbers (and that’s generally a giveaway – don’t they realise that?), it’s still not cricket, and we do expect more from our government.  Why we expect more, I don’t know.  We should know better.

Undoubtedly, within the embrace of a safe dancing partner in a stitched-up, water tight political duopoly masquerading as democracy (as our leading parties are), you can do nearly anything that you like, with the expectation that more times than not, somehow you will get away with it.  Dancing until the music stops and hoping that no-one has noticed what you were doing or how you did it.  Unless, that is, some snoopy journalist, blogger, or parliamentary committee member (all of whom are trying to find holes in your stories, entirely for their own purposes, of course), digs a little deeper than you might have wished them to, in their questioning and endeavours to trip you up.

For myself, it was just a matter of waiting for it to be revealed, knowing that the figures were entirely implausible in the circumstances of a collapsing economy where jobs data, unless properly and skillfully cooked, will for evermore in reality be heading in the opposite direction.  I mean, we have been watching the US jobs data (and they know exactly how to cook up a cauldron of Gloop that will suffice to convince anybody that they need to convince (Wall St., MSM, et al), while everybody else (those they don’t need to convince – you and me, the unemployed, disenfranchised, and incarcerated) know full well their cauldron of delights is pure bullshit.) for several years now and we realise that the ‘improving’ US economy is based purely on falsified jobs data simply because there is no more money floating around the economy than there was back in 2009.  It’s a shipwreck, waiting to bottom out.

So, I’m looking for a way out of this now too, I’ve warbled enough.  I think I will end with my tried and true – ‘Trust No-one; Question Everything’.

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