How Can I Possibly Describe This?…

This is one of the most appalling, unspeakable abominations that any human being can inflict on another human being.  And it is done in the name of religion?

It just shows that the value of religion, if it has any value at all, is highly overrated.

It also shows that the dangers of harbouring religion within society, any kind of religion, are highly underrated.

This should be a reportable crime, covered by the severest of penalties.


Of course, nothing will happen.  Everything will go on as it always has.

Because this shitty world is so full of deadheads, clueless sheeples, control freaks, sadists and full-on lunatics.

Oh… and men.
(Yes, I know it is mostly women who do these unspeakable things, but they do it only because of the rulings of patriarchal religious bullshit for no other reason than keeping women as subservient chattels)

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