Ten Lessons To Lead A Nation

“Analysts name Putin’s ten lessons for Russia’s future political leaders” – TASS

There is not a doubt in the world that all through the ‘Putin Time’ Russia has grown and flourished like it would not have done under any other leadership.

President Putin has manoeuvred Russia from being, and not entirely of its own doing, an almost failed state to now currently a nation with stability, solidity and a position in the family of nations that is the envy of all others (which is usually measured by the amount of vitriol in the language they use) – in spite of the best attempts, by those who believe that such lofty things are their own specific birthright, to undermine the efforts and success of both the Russian people and those (such success is never a one-man show, but does require exquisite leadership) who have led the nation to such achievement.  And that is also why an unjust (and largely unsuccessful) campaign of fear and hatred has been waged against President Putin in particular.  

The man is an inspired and inspiring genius – and as such, stands tall as an eagle in the presence of all the turkeys arrayed against him.  There is no other.  President Xi of China may one day contend, but he has yet to prove himself.  Trump of course is just one of the mediocre turkeys who has so far managed to escape the chopping block.

I won’t comment on the ‘ten lessons’ of Putin’s success as outlined in the TASS article, since I couldn’t come up with anything better, and they do on the face of it fit the bill.  To fill his shoes, any future leader will have to be exceptional.  But he is now taking steps to protect the work that has been already done (which must have the West weeping into its weak turkey soup) and we must not forget that he has (hopefully) another four years of brilliance to further astound us with. And astounded, I feel sure, we will be.

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