New Year, New Decade, New Rules

I have already made the observation that this year is greatly different to the last and will be much more exciting – in the nail-biting, white-knuckle, and moments (perhaps prolonged moments) of sheer terror sense.  And so it seems to be going.

Dmitry Orlov has also observed a change in feeling to our days that he expects to be decadal in nature (I prefer to work a year at a time – primarily because I don’t think I have decades left to me, but I see his point).  He foresees, and has formulated ‘New Rules’ for the ‘New Decade’ 

…and I want no arguments that the decade doesn’t start until next year. In my view all years that start with the same ‘tens’ number, in this case ‘2’, form a decade (that’s inarguable). If you want your decade to start with a year ending with a ‘1’ and end with a year ending with ‘0’, go ahead be my guest. You’re stupid. And it is all the fault of somebody deciding there wasn’t going to be a year zero 2019 years ago, or thereabouts.  Blame whoever that was.  

“New Decade, New Rules” is Orlov’s post from a week ago.  He has quite an amusing way with word ideas.  You’ll enjoy this. 

I won’t comment.  There’s too much to comment on, and it is my bedtime.

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