Drawing Honey From The Belly Of The Beast

“Funeral Arrangements” – JH Kunstler

It seems that Mr Kunstler remains convinced of the imminent demise or at least the dismemberment, leading to the same thing, of the US Democratic Party.  And I am circling like a hungry shark ready and waiting to sink my teeth into the remains, fresh or fetid, with little concern as to whether it is the DEMs or the GOPs or both who are eviscerated.

What I really want to see of course is a breakdown of the US political system, coupled with an ensuing split in the nation, which divides it up into several smaller, disjoint, disunited states, each following their own dream that would present less of a looming risk to the greater world. And from that position of relative impotence, allow them to see that all of the earlier fears implanted into their heads, of big bad neighbours wanting to crush them, were entirely groundless.  They might even make some new and real friends.

Russia was ‘forced’ (I’m not sure that is entirely the right word) into a similar position a little over 30 years ago. Look at them soar like eagles now.

Wouldn’t that be a great turn of events, redrawing the landscape of 2020 from a year of perceived darkness into, and marking it as, the dawn of a new era.

Okay, I know I am being a bit idealistic there, but come on… such ideas, while unlikely, are, given the right level of will and good intent, entirely possible. 

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