Shutting Their Filthy Mouths

History, they say, is written by the victors. But what if the victors position is undermined by the ‘also rans’ and even the ‘victims’ and the ‘losers’, simply because it is the truth?

There are those who would not recognise the truth if they accidentally bumped into it, because they live their lives in a web of such astounding lies that their vision is attuned to nothing else.  I speak of course of the US and UK. But also, surprisingly, though not perhaps unpredictively (due to their personal reasons for reassignment of causality), both Poland and Germany itself.

Russia, or more correctly the prior Soviet Russia was the real Victor of WW2, or ‘The Great Patriotic War’ as they would describe it, including the Soviet war against Japan – without which the US would never have been able to close the deal, even with its cowardly nuclear attacks on the civilian population of that unfortunate country. Any other party to the affair (other than the Soviets) would have to accept the role of ‘also ran’, victim, bystander, or loser.

Russia therefore, as supercedents to the Soviets, and the only party with access to know the whole truth, has the right to the defining version of events which comprise that conflict. Russia is also the only party that can be relied on to record the impartial truth, unembellished by fantasy.

This truth must never be allowed to be despoiled by liars from the West or anywhere else. And so I applaud the moves by President Putin to set the record straight and for ever ‘shut their filthy mouths’.

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