Time to Refocus on Syria

After roughly four and a half years from the ceasefire which – as a result of the interference of ‘bleeding heart’ Western pundits concerned for their pet terrorist groups, crying ‘Stop the slaughter of civilians’, when there were in fact no innocent civilians left in the conflict zone – brought an end (with Russia’s agreement) to the very successful campaign of liberation by the victorious Syrian Arab Army in Idlib province (aided by Russian air support), since when a period of relative inactivity has ensued, with nothing much gained or lost by either side. It is time to take stock of the situation as there are moves afoot to change that undesirable and unsettled impasse.

I personally feel a great disappointment that this has occurred at all. The Syrians had the terrorists and their Turkish backers on the run or surrounded in isolated strongpoints, for later disposal, back in March of 2017. If they had been allowed to continue their triumphant march to the borders of their own country (and that is an important point – the Syrians were not fighting on foreign soil, they were liberating their own country from foreign invasion and Western inspired, supplied and paid local dissidents) all of this dreadful shemozzle would have long been over. Turkish forces, nowhere near as large in number as have subsequently been illegally stationed on Syrian land, would have been sent packing. The Americans and their NATO and Oceania lapdogs, also illegally operating in northern and eastern Syria, would have been driven out (just as they have from Afghanistan). The legitimate Kurdish peoples (Syrian citizens) would have settled their differences with the Assad government, as would many of the local Arab dissidents, and the whole of the country would be peacefully living free from conflict. At least all of that appeared to have been possible in early 2017 and before the end of that year.

I could possibly raise a case for laying blame for the consequent situation at Russia’s feet. Not primarily though. As always is the case with every point of conflict anywhere on Earth, the major fault rests with those vicious bastards who rule, motivate and dictate how the Western nations carry out their dastardly plans to rule the world. I am still a little sore that Russia gave in so easily to what was portrayed as public opinion, especially when a few more weeks, perhaps a month, would have seen total victory to Syria. Of course I am not in command of all the facts, so I don’t let my hurt feelings get in the way of sober judgement. And I am heartened that the power of the West and its capability to negatively influence global directions has been greatly diminished over that intervening period and especially in recent months. I feel sure that never again will the west dominate global affairs. And if they are foolish enough to try, they will be greatly humiliated, and their power base further dismantled. They, and I guess I am talking chiefly about the US here, will become the defeated Germany of the 21st century. No other Western power would be foolish enough to attempt to take up the reins of leadership for that group, assuming that any of them were still extant. But it will not necessarily be military conflict which alters the balance of power in the region of Syria or elsewhere. Chickens, Western chickens, scattered far and wide through that bloc’s indecent and in human activity over the years, are beginning to come home to roost in their dilapidated sheds. A sure sign that general decay is in play. The making of future wars may no longer place quite so highly on their list of problems to be faced. And some of those problems may be insurmountable.

So, having said my piece, how are things shaping up today in the Syrian arena? I will leave that explanation to Vladimir Danilov in this piece on New Eastern Outlook. This is the first intimation I have seen that the situation is about to change. Interesting.

“The Situation in Syria is Heating Up Again” – Vladimir Danilov for NEO

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