China is home to more Global Fortune 500 companies than any other country. Most of them are state-owned.

It is just a matter of interest, but it is a very interesting fact, is it not? Actually that is two very interesting facts.

It cannot be doubted that we are living in the Chinese century. China is rising, to dominate world trade. It is not a strange thing then to expect, while ever the global economy still functions (more or less) that Chinese corporate entities would begin to also dominate in the world of business and also in terms of real wealth. China first began to dominate (in numbers, though not in overall wealth …yet) the Global 500 list of top companies in 2019 with 129 spots taken to the US’ 121. In this year’s list (2021), the gap is widening. China now has 143 to the US’ 122 listed companies, according to this GT report: ‘143 Chinese companies listed on Fortune Global 500’ – Aug 02, 2021. Those numbers include possibly 10 Taiwanese companies – legitimately and indisputably claimed by China as their own.

Quite remarkably, Huawei, in spite of the continuing blacklisting by Western nations, continues to climb the rankings, rising from 72 in 2019 to now be listed at the 44th place. Can’t keep a good company down. I love my Huawei B818 internet gear and when they have produced a smart phone with their own operating system in place of Android I will seriously look at buying direct. I have for many years now always sourced my mobile phones directly from China. It is superior gear, totally compatible and not network-locked or loaded with crappy bloatware. And it is much cheaper than locked-down locally sold offerings – which all come from China anyway. A no-brainer really.

That is assuming of course that everything has not already crashed by then and we still have working internet services – none of which is guaranteed. Which also goes for these global corporate entities that are totally based on a continuation of consumerism and what is already a shaky financial system, enabling them to keep on churning out products in a world where the capacity to purchase such things, or even the need to do so, has evaporated with changing priorities. I personally do not see how that could be perpetuated for much longer, given all the pressing issues which confront the world of man in this possibly final century of his existence – or at least of his dominance as lead species of the planet with technology that consists of nothing more than basic hand tools at his disposal once the mighty production lines – which are mostly all in China or from somewhere on the greater Eurasian continent – have ceased to turn.

Everything could look very different just a few years from now. Fortune 500s would then be well on the way to relegation as distant and rapidly fading memories.

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