US Reduced to Using Only Govt Funded NGOs as its Elite Front Line Troops

Knowing it has zero chance to impose its threats militarily anywhere in the world now, the US is reduced to promoting what has always been its second line of offence (defence never having had a role in US foreign policy) – government funded NGOs – to be the elite forces of its front line efforts to subdue the world to its own warped standards of democracy and rule of law.

To this end, envious of global recognition of the growing supremacy of China and the advantages to be gained by cooperation with Chinese government initiatives and fostering good relations with Chinese businesses, the Western paper heroes led by the US are using the soft-power of NGOs to fuel the necessary propaganda drives used to discredit and undermine all the good that China does. It won’t work of course. Nothing underhand that the West attempts actually does. But it is a nuisance – not just to China but to everybody else as well – bringing with it an air of mistrust and ill-feeling, simply by those ideas being aired. So, the West, by its continued deceitful actions remains a stain on the record of humanity.

This has long been the case of course. Even long before Western military clout went into decline. One of the latest manifestations is to try to disrupt the upcoming Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in February next year (2022), using the usual dirty tricks. Of course it is expected of these dirty bastards to use dirty tricks. The world has learned to expect nothing more of them. It won’t work of course. Did I say that already? It bears repeating.

The Uyghurs of course are in the mix, though there is nothing to that, as I think most people would have already worked out. Is the West becoming a little slow and dull of mind, that they have not yet realised that (Yes, is the only correct answer)?

I guess because ‘Winter’ games kind of conjures up thoughts of mountains, snow and ice, and also because it is …well… China, you know?… they have also trotted out the old Western hobby horse of Tibet. How gauche! Don’t they know that all genuine Tibetans (except, regretfully perhaps, those who defected to the US and other low joints, and who are probably feeling a little uneasy right now) are all very happy being Chinese? They love being moderately wealthy, independent and unbonded people and not being Tibetan Buddhist bonded serfs in an Indian style caste system (which is what also holds India back from any form of greatness). More is revealed in this excellent NEO article…

“To Prove China is a “Global Threat,” US Threatens Global Games” – Brian Berletic for NEO.

To go further with the Tibet thing, it is time to disperse for ever the myths of Chinese oppression of Tibet and to reinforce the role the West has played in that, I watched this YouTube video today for the first time. The film was made I think in 2017 (or maybe that was when it was YTd) and runs for exactly 1 hour. Do yourself a favour, even if you think you know all there is to know about the China-Tibet history. Watch this video, as a reminder or an eye-opener to the truth – Tibet – The Truth [Official Film] [西藏 : 真相] – English with Chinese subtitles. You could well be amazed. Perhaps even shocked.

That’s me done for today. It’s not my fault if most of the world chooses to live incapacitated in a stupefying fog of ignorance. My job here is simply to provide doors for people to escape that fate. Or perhaps to remember why they already went through one of those doors – bitter (also both rewarding and challenging), as the knowing and hurt which comes with making that choice, may be.

You may have correctly opined that these things I find more than slightly annoying.

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