Australia’s Dirty Tricks To Spy On China

For goodness’ sake, why must the Western nations, all of them, continually sully their reputations – or what may remain of any virtue that may still loosely attach to them – by resorting to degraded tactics (actually it is not a question of ‘resorting’, it is their major, or only, proactive ‘modus operandi’ – they know no other) to achieve their mischievous and psychopathic goals?

Well, I guess I have already answered that question – they neither know, nor are capable of pursuing, any other way.

It was only a few days ago that I pointed out how they also now have little choice but to lie, cheat and steal and are reduced to using the cover of NGOs for their grubby work.

Be it coincidence – or does China read my posts? (that’s a self-amusing aside) – but I have come across this Global Times article (published 2 days after my post) detailing such a subversive NGO spy in action. China has shut the operation down of course – and confiscated its funding. Why wouldn’t they?

Before I give the link to that story, I just want to say that GT has very carefully and skillfully omitted to state which Western cowboy country and its very own NGO was involved in the nefarious plan …well, almost… In very fine print, as part of one of the images, both the nation and the NGO can be discovered, if you look carefully. I love these sort of games. It kind of makes life worthwhile, and an old bloke like me needs that sort of adventure (and the amusement which accompanies it) to keep himself going. Take a look first. I will provide the answers later.

Actually I fooled myself. This is not strictly an NGO. It is a government funded organisation but one that for specific purposes can engage in joint ventures with other entities. Actually GT states it as being a ‘non-profit organisation’ which received funding from foreign NGOs. In that case, my bad. But also, in that sense, does it not then act as an NGO? I can live with that. And if China says it was operating with a foreign actor and receiving external funding, well that’s good enough for me.

“Exclusive: NGO with overseas backing punished for deploying monitoring network covering East, South China Sea, with 22 sites close to Chinese navy” – Fan Lingzhi for Global Times – Oct 31, 2021

Did you see? Shocking, isn’t it?

The country is Australia and the NPO turned NGO (when it suits) is none other than Australia’s National Science Agency, the CSIRO. And these guys are supposed to be scientists. And this country is my own. I am deeply shamed. And they couldn’t even report the facts honestly.

I apologise, China, on behalf of my lousy government. Go well. You are doing good things, buddies, and no-one is going to stop you.

Here is an extract from the CSIRO page on joint ventures:

Joint Ventures

To achieve a successful commercialisation outcome, we may form a joint venture with one or more entities. Joint ventures are formed under an agreement to pool resources and capabilities, share ownership, returns, risks, and governance for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task.

Nicely spotted, China!

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