The West Has Lost …yet doesn’t seem to be able to come to terms with that

…which will make matters all the worse when they have no other alternative. Or perhaps they have come to terms with the facts (yes it is a fact) and are simply putting on a brave face for the world while they think (and while in panic is never a good time for clear thinking) of the best way to fall. That would limit their choices to whether – with a public reputational persona already in tatters globally – to go out with a bang (effectively not much more than a whimper – except how it played out for themselves) or to simply capitulate, eventually get over the humiliation, loss, retribution and obligatory compensation, then to try to rebuild somewhere down the road with limited prospects to ever make a viable recovery.

It is left to the reader to choose in which of many (or all) currently playing theatres of operation they wish to stage this setting. I make no distinction between them.

Reality is a bitch which must be faced. She cannot be stared down or twisted. And when you run out of options to manipulate your world by gross measures to give the appearance that you are in charge and know what you are doing, the grim face of reality will still be there, waiting to see what you are really made of.

Having been cushioned by ill-gotten gains at the expense of many others who have been trodden underfoot for so long, the west now finds itself on a new page of history where old methods and practices – for so long ingrained into their psyche – no longer work. The magic of illusory thralldom has all but worn off and (I hate myself for saying this, but it fits) the emperor is found to be naked …exposed …friendless …out of ideas or excuses, and quietly (so far) in a state of internalised panic. With the wolves of reality, circling, and only the dying embers of an inglorious past left to fend them off.

It is not a pretty picture, most of which has yet to play out …but it is coming.

Stand by for the next episode. You will read about, hear about, see or feel it, somewhere, sometime soon.

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