It Was Always Going to be This Way

Whether Russia knew this or not back in late 2021 when she made her demands (actually, politely reserved requests, initially), or back in February of 2022 when she began her rescue of the Russian populated sections of the former Ukraine (now part of Russia itself), may never be known. I suspect they did know, because they also knew that the west was ‘agreement incapable’ and – to use a recently introduced phrase – have adopted as a principle of diplomacy ‘the legitimization of deception’.

In fact, what this boils down to is there is nothing for Russia to talk about with the west. Nothing on which to form any basis of agreement, on anything. This leaves only one option for Russia – and anyone else interested in preserving the independence and sovereignty of nations not currently under the thrall of western influence. These nations must stand together, and stand tall to ensure their own liberty. That is what is at stake in these early weeks and months of this year of 2023.

It was always going to be this way. Always going to come to this position. Always going to take the extra measures that Russia is now going to put into action. Always. This time, right now, is the decision point of the utmost importance for all of mankind. The west must in fact be subjugated, dishonoured, humiliated, and driven to its knees and confined to its own borders by the joint efforts of the rest of the world. And if that is not enough to cure their madness and desire to dominate, they must be destroyed – always assuming they have not self-destructed in the meantime.

I speak as a westerner, recognising the guilt of the people (through those weak individuals they have chosen to represent them and those who through bribery and coercion have imposed their own will and directions in matters of power) for all the ills of the world today. I fully accept my own guilt as being part of that, and that acceptance is, for me, the biggest burn.

All that I have said above is nothing new. I had this recognition before 2021 ended, and perhaps it germinated even earlier than that. I may not have expressed it so openly before but I have known that ‘It was always going to be this way’ and that there could be no other possible outcome, due to the inculcated intransigence of the west. They were never going to change, and never will until rendered incapable of mischief, or destroyed.

I always knew that what Mr Lavrov has recently said – “If the West continues to pump the Ukraine full of weaponry out of impotent rage, or a desire to exacerbate the situation…then that means our geographical tasks will move even further from the current line.”, was going to be necessary.  And as Batiushka says, in an article which I can’t fully endorse – but this and other statements are valid, so I provide the link anyway, And so now Russia has to demilitarise all NATO ground forces (cowardly NATO naval and air forces are hiding) and ultimately to denazify the whole Western world.

I also said in an earlier article of my own (I paraphrase because I don’t have time to find the quote) that Russia must not finish the action it is about to start until it has driven to the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Arctic shores of Europe, demilitarising and denazifying all the way and ejecting all US forces from the continent as a consequence. Nothing less will be sufficient to effect a proper cure. And on top of that, the world’s free militaries must stand guard over North America to ensure the complete containment of those peoples until it is certain they hold no further further threat to freedom and liberty. Don’t worry about their allies – the non-western ones at least. They will be overjoyed to have become their own masters once again.

I have complete confidence in Russia to achieve these goals, rising in strength all the time and with new allies, partners and friends as the west further diminishes. Allies, partners and friends who will at some stage, it is to be hoped, assist in the effort in their own way and their own regions of the world. As a united front, is the only sure way for mankind to progress from here. Divided, or duplicitously held apart, as we currently are and have been for so long, is the path to certain failure.

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