A New Type of Assault on Cities

It is not often that something quite interesting emerges from examples of armed conflict. Over the last few days we have witnessed something that is new and very interesting. As to whether it is just a one-off exercise or something of lasting importance, we will have to wait and see. I can see there may be numerous opportunities for its repetition over coming days.

You, assuming you are following events in Ukraine – the real version that is, not the ludicrous western make-believe – may have wondered at how quickly Russia has taken control of Soledar (I’m sure the NATO-Zelensky axis forces were suitably surprised and bewildered at this event). In only two or three days they have achieved what took several weeks or months in places like Mariupol or Lisichansk. Every situation is different of course but Russia has attempted a new strategy (great strategists, the Russians) and it seems to have worked really well.

“In the situation with Soledar, we have witnessed a new type of assault on cities.

Daria Volkova, Evgeny Pozdnyakov, in VZGLYAD article linked below

I will just say – as a simple two line description – that this was a joint Russian military and Wagner PMC operation, apparently using Russian paratroopers as the blocking forces to the north and south of the city. The story is detailed very well in…

‘PMCs and the army tested a new scheme for storming cities in Soledar’VZGLYAD – January 13, 2023

By the cutting off of replenishment and resupply possibilities in this way, this innovative strategy has the potential to see many urban centers, of varying size, being rapidly closed down.

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