150 million Americans have been illegally disenfranchised. What happens next?

Donald Trump has gone. But Donald Trump never really mattered. He was merely the figurehead for an idea. An idea that suited half of all Americans just fine. And without commenting on the actual idea, and while some form of election cheating may have occurred in times before, never has it been done, and seen to be done (the evidence is there – it just never got an official hearing), on the scale of the 2020 US Presidential elections. Never before have half of all Americans been cheated and disenfranchised (yes I know the voting numbers – voters have kids too) through having their votes annulled by underhand practices.

There has to be some sort of reaction to that. Is half of America going to bend over and take it up the ass? Not if I know Americans at all. And does that not open up a whole powder keg of possibilities? Will America ever be the same again? Will America even survive? Civil War? Secession? Regional splits? New nations based on ideology? Are these some of the outcomes we should look for now?

American influence has been on the wane for some time. Are we witnessing the fall of the Superpower of the 20th century? Is there a person who can hold it all together? If there is such a person it is quite clear that it will not be Joe Biden. He comes with too much baggage and not nearly enough pulling power. He is in fact a hollow man, known for criminal practices, and in a fair world he would be in jail – with his son. It will not be Kamala Harris either. She is almost universally hated by all sides.

So, what next? I’m not sure America has a person equipped for the task of holding this loose union of states together, in the circumstances in which it finds itself. As a matter of fact it would not have been Trump either. He was merely tolerated as the least worse choice of his time in the limelight. Those lights are now dimmed and the curtain lowered. It is now time for the stage cleaners and maybe the deconstruction specialists to come on to change the scenery.

And the question has to be asked, is there time for one more show before the lights go out for good?

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