Assessing Syria Situation

People of the West, who are little interested in what goes on in Syria, would have no idea what the US is doing there.  As far as they are concerned, the US is fighting to eliminate ISIS terrorism.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some aspects of the truth of the matter are raised in this snapshot of the current situation from Southfront – who are reasonably good at reporting that sort of thing and continually call for support to enable them to keep doing so.

This article contains a video.  Watch the video first.  The text is a transcript of that and can be used later in case you missed any of the points being raised.

“Turks Fear Russian Advance On Syria’s Al-Bab” – ZeroHedge  – original submitted by  SouthFront,

This is a fair assessment I think.  There is a danger that conflict escalation will resume soon.  In fact that is a certainty at some stage, the current arrangements being untenable for anybody involved.  It is unlikely to involve Russia-Turkey engagements since they have other joint commitments to working together outside of Syria but Turkey may be coercively induced to give up its aims in the country nonetheless – and accidental conflict resulting in some Turkish casualties (since Turkish troops are embedded with their supported terrorists), as an added inducement to leave, is not out of the question.

A little inducement recently for the US to stay clear of Russian forces seems to have worked wonders (but of course you wouldn’t know that unless you were following the story fairly closely).

The whole situation would have been cleared up by now if the bleeding hearts at the UN and other Western organisations hadn’t pressured Russia to adjourn the successful Syrian military advances about a year ago to support a pseudo ceasefire which only advantaged the terrorists and their Turkey backers.

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