Coming: “…the largest operation since the Great Patriotic War”

More or less confirming what I said in my previous post, we are about to witness what is described as…

“The Russian Army is preparing the largest operation since the Great Patriotic War” – VZGLYAD

Say What?!! Well, yes, I did. Because that is how I had read the events of the last few days. It is fairly obvious really, if attention has been paid to what the Russian leadership was actually saying from the beginning. This is not a change of plan, it is the actual original plan, as I tried to say yesterday.

But… but… that’s not what they said at the peace talks earlier. Well, as I recall, Russia made no statements at all about the peace talks. That was simply a meeting to find out what Zelensky’s folk had to put on the table. Russia tabled nothing – but said it would think about what the Ukraine contingent had offered. Any sane person (which of course excludes all western leadership) would have known that Russia would not accept any such proposals. Russia has much greater goals in mind and will not rest until they are fully achieved. A brand new world is being envisioned.

In any case, there is such a thing as ‘Fog of War’ to consider. Russia appears to have successfully used that principle to cast confusion among its opponents, who are now running around in panic. Well they can stop running now – though much good that will do them. They still haven’t a clue what this all means, or what they can do about it. I can give them that answer – nothing at all.

RIA Novosti knows about the Fog of War. They have put out a piece describing it…

‘The West is furious: Russia is using the “fog of war”‘ – RIA Novosti

Yes, I know both of these articles are in Russian, but come on, get used to it. Use a translator or start using a decent web browser like Yandex, which will do all the hard work for you.

So, what are Russia’s plans?

Well, simply described – and I am not giving away any secrets here – and this is entirely my own personal view of the situation, nothing official, there are two more phases to be executed after phase 1 is complete. Which now is virtually over – just a few thousand more nazis to eliminate, holed up in a small corner of Mariupol.

Phase 2, for which extra forces are being repositioned or manouvered into place now from various existing fronts, strengthened by further forces from across the Russian border, with the objective of eliminating the ~50,000 remaining cauldroned Ukraine unit remnants in the western parts of the Donbass. As has been stated many times, these units may be allowed to surrender – if they are not nazis or are not known to have committed war crimes.

Phase 3 will include the complete de-militarisation and de-nazification of the whole of Ukraine. Part of which will be the liberation of Odessa and the remaining coastal lands of Ukraine to the south. I believe Ukraine will get to keep Kiev, once it has been ‘cleansed’, and as much of the western end of the current Ukraine as it can hold from the clutches of the itchy fingers of Poland and Romania. That will be of no concern to Russia.

Confirming some of that, here is a quote from the VZGLYAD article…

What’s next?

“When the entire Donbass group is eliminated, we will release a significant number of our Armed Forces, as well as the forces of the LPR and DPR,” Leonkov suggested. – They will continue their offensive to the west, where they will join forces with those groups of troops that entered the territory of Ukraine from the north. And then they will carry out the tasks that they face: demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”


I have no doubt that Russia is fully capable and has (always had) the determination of seeing these ventures through to completion. I also have no doubt that the west is impotent to prevent that from happening – but will scream loudly and long while it is happening.

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