Zelensky’s Joke Peace Proposal – Well, He Is Said To Be A Comedian

The Ukraine government proposals for a peace agreement have been revealed from talks in Turkey on Tuesday, March 29. Russia has said nothing. I doubt the Russian negotiators could have opened their mouths without emitting loud guffaws, which of course is not Russian style.

What Zelensky wrote, or had written for him, is total bullshit. It is not a peace agreement, but a menu for western business as usual if it were accepted as such. Which it will not be. Could this be a delaying tactic by Ukraine? Though delaying for what reason, I have no idea. Every day that passes will see their negotiating position worsen. And eventually they will be negotiating on their knees – what is left of them.

Who could be so stupid as to think this would be in any way acceptable to Russia? Not in a lifetime of lifetimes would that be so.

And, thankfully, I know that Russia sees it that way too. Without a doubt. So there is no point planning a Putin-Zelensky meeting to sign anything – other than a certification of insanity for Zelensky.

The fighting WILL proceed, soon at a much heightened pace, until all of Russia’s objectives have been achieved and all perpetrators of injustice have been apprehended. You can bet your military boots on that.

Russia is already seen to be massing far greater forces on the border with Ukraine and has purged (a gentle, passive purge) all of the atlanticists and doubters from its upper echelons of power. The very fact that Russia (Mr Putin) has specifically stated that no further Russian gas will be supplied to countries on their ‘unfriendly nations’ list, other than paid for in Rubles (used to be Roubles when I was a lad), speaks volumes as to their determination to make all the current issues behind their going into Ukraine in the first place, a one time, all in, nothing left undecided, package. And they will not budge from that position, I guarantee. No more Mr Nice Guy, softly spoken and over-accommodating, this is End-of-the-line, No Stepping Back stuff. A Russia we have not seen in recent years. Ardent and forceful, but at the same time caring and humane – unlike those aligned against them.

…and for that, I am, and the world should be, eternally grateful.

The first phase of this conflict is now over, all Russian goals (for that phase), which was mainly the liberation of Donbass, achieved. For me it seemed to take longer than expected but the Russians seem to be well satisfied with the results they achieved and with a force ratio of some 4:1 against them (the reverse of normal attack ratios) it has been a truly remarkable outcome. They have injected only some 150,000 ground troops into Ukraine, up against a claimed 600,000 US trained and western equipped – albeit totally green, untried troops with a sizable contingent of rabid nazi lunatics who have behaved, as nazis do, like animals – looting, raping, shooting and shelling civilians, reticent Ukraine soldiers, and the few Russian POWs they could get their grubby, blood-soaked hands on. They have and will pay dearly.

Russia, in all this, has not called on its regular military units so far, using only volunteer soldiers commanded by seasoned officers, plus a few tens of thousands of Kadyrov’s Chechen forces. All of the information I provide here is pulled together from many available sources, and I believe it is relatively and reasonably correct. It represents the image I hold, having watched closely from the beginning and also long before that.

Phase 2 began a week or so ago with the ‘Shock and Awe’ (really) of a demonstration of some of Russia’s new-era weaponry, obliterating many would be mercenaries and a lot of remaining Ukraine military hardware and freshly delivered western military aid – even before unpacking. Now, or soon, and I think (though I have no supporting proof) that the adjustments of force positioning much under discussion today, mark that it is time for the ground component of phase 2 to begin. I am also thinking that perhaps, because this work will necessitate far more troops than have so far been committed, it is time for the heavies of the Russian army (massing on the border) to get involved. If a quick result is required, that would be an essential move. Then we will see what the Russian army is all about. What we have seen so far has been just a prelude – for the safety of civilians and the preservation of Ukraine infrastructure. What we see next may well be ‘gloves off’ material.

Unreliable as usual, RT puts out some sort of blurb on the ‘peace’ meeting…

‘Russia’s top negotiator comments on peace-talks outcome’ – RT

…and a post from the Saker lists some of the Ukraine proposals – for what they are worth.

‘Sitrep: Russia-Ukraine Negotiations – further details revealed’ – Saker blog

It really is not worth your time to read. The real stuff will eventually be written, when all the mayhem has ceased – a long way off yet – and it will be written by Russians, not Zelensky the clown.

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