Mariupol to be Liberated – In Days

The regular Ukraine military holding out in the city of Mariupol have melted away, leaving the city in small groups dressed as civilians over the last few days. Video of their commander being captured, as I suspect most of those groups were, by Russian forces can be found. If you read some reports, all that is left in mariupol if the last of the nazi dogs of the Azov battalion. A couple of thousand war criminals holed up in the Azovstahl steel works which could now simply be destroyed from the air, cleansing the filth from the area. That is as may be, but is unlikely to be the way Russia finishes the task and this is still not the only impediment to freeing that city. Civilians are no longer a restraint at the steel works but I am not sure of the position in the other group, separated as they were, after a Russian push split them yesterday.

I don’t think Russia will want to destroy the steel works. It is the biggest in Europe and in the right hands could still be or become a huge asset to the new Novorussia and the whole region and would be very costly to rebuild. So it is going to take a few days yet for the liberation of the city to be fully realised. Allow the following story to elucidate…

‘The expert named vulnerabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works’ – March 28, 2022 – by Andrey Rezchikov, Aynura Aliyeva, VZGLYAD

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