Russia Saved the West From Disaster 77 Years Ago – The West Kicked Russia in the Teeth – Russia Will Not Allow That to Occur Again

Russia will never forget.... May 9, 1945 'A military parade was held in Moscow in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory' - Readovka ...and I will never forget too. Less than two months before that date, I came into the world. And so, for as long as I live, Russia's Victory Day... Continue Reading →

Is It End Of Phase 1 Yet?

At long last it begins to appear the first phase of Russia's 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine is drawing to a close (although I have said that a couple of times before) - if not just yet, then very soon. After Sunday's offered surrender message, which most of the trapped Ukie forces - Mainly Azov... Continue Reading →

Mariupol to be Liberated – In Days

The regular Ukraine military holding out in the city of Mariupol have melted away, leaving the city in small groups dressed as civilians over the last few days. Video of their commander being captured, as I suspect most of those groups were, by Russian forces can be found. If you read some reports, all that... Continue Reading →

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