Azovstal in Mariupol – NATO’s Dirty Secrets

SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency came up with a scoop which I haven’t seen elsewhere yet (sent to me via a friend). An excellent, well put together YouTube video with English narrative and exciting musical accompaniment.

The truth has yet to be revealed – the rats need to be cleared out first (no compromises allowed) – but all the evidence points to proof the west, US in particular, would not want to surface any time soon. The US is, of course, from similar incidents from their murky past, very fond of bombing such sites to rubble. They are probably angry at the Russians for not having done so on their behalf. Russia has, of course, good reasons for wanting the place left intact. The US, no such reservations or scruples. In fact I would not be surprised, since it has no bombs (including MOAB) with the capability of penetrating a site of such depth. It was built to withstand a cold-war nuclear attack. Does that kind of challenge suggest any possible next step for the US to you? Go onnnn, you’re pulling my leg. They, the US, the dirty dogs (apologies to all my furry friends), wouldn’t try that, would they? Oh! Yes, well, they might, if they thought they could blame it on Russia.

Anyway, this is what I am talking about, courtesy syrianarabnewsagency channel…

Azovstal factory.. NATO dirty war secrets

And here is their English language post.

SANA – Syria, getting its own back on the demonic beast of the west, for troubles caused.

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