Russia Saved the West From Disaster 77 Years Ago – The West Kicked Russia in the Teeth – Russia Will Not Allow That to Occur Again

Russia will never forget….

May 9, 1945

‘A military parade was held in Moscow in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory’ – Readovka

…and I will never forget too. Less than two months before that date, I came into the world. And so, for as long as I live, Russia’s Victory Day – commemorated across most of the world – will always be the same age as myself.

It was of course a long time before I fully understood the meaning of that great day, but today, of all days, it is the one that has most meaning for me personally. Because I am quite aware of its high significance …but not only me…

All across the post-Soviet space, countries have been remembering Victory Day, in Syria also, and even in nations having little association with Russia – wherever there are still people of good will, it is remembered.

But I especially want to mark the fact that the people of Mariupol are overjoyed to be free to celebrate the day themselves. Here are a few stories (from Readovka)…

‘The Eternal Flame was solemnly lit in Mariupol’ – Readovka

For a brief time in 2014 the people of Mariupol tasted the liberty of being part of the newly formed Donetsk People’s Republic. But that freedom was quickly stolen from them by the nazi government of Ukraine, and for 8 long years thay suffered constant harassment by the Kiev authorities. At last they have been freed again thanks to the valiant exploits of Russian and the DPR soldiers.

And also in Mariupol… It is a sad fact which brought me close to tears – and nothing has done that for a while – that for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union late last century …all those years being banned by Kiev authorities from doing so… the people of Mariupol have for the first time in all that time commemorated Victory Day. Can you imagine what that must mean?

‘Residents of Mariupol can’t contain their emotions at the Victory Day parade’ – Readovka

Fuck all those bastard, ignorant westerners who display blue and yellow flags and cry ‘pray for Ukraine’. Fuck them all! And Fuck Ukraine too! This is a day to celebrate this new liberation, and to call for support for Russia to go on and steadfastly finish the task it has set for itself – and perhaps not primarily, but also for the rest of the world.

Glory to Russia! I hold myself back from wishing bad things for the west, though they fully deserve such. I rest in the assurance those things await them in short order anyway – no matter my own personal wishes.

You want another story? How about this one? I have no more words left…

‘In Mariupol, women cross themselves in front of the memorial to the victims of fascism’ – Readovka

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