Russia’s Battle Plan in Ukraine – In Case There is Any Doubt… Plus New Movement in the East

Russia is removing Ukrainian combat capabilities off the battlefield faster than the Ukraine and its allies can replace or regenerate it.

It may appear to some that Russia is taking far too long to achieve its planned goals in Ukraine – assuming that those with such thoughts even have a clear outline of what Russia’s plans may be. What is actually happening is that a western (modern European) army, trained for eight years by the US and allies, and continually supplied with both weapons and munitions, not to mention the additional manpower of dumb bastards who think they are doing something noble by dying for an obscene ideology, is being gradually ground out of existence by mainly Russian national guardsmen and well motivated local independent militias, supported (if that is the right word) by artillery strikes unmatched by anything any other military could both field and supply for as long as it takes. NATO has all but emptied its larders [what do you call an armoury that has no guns or munitions left? A larder 🙂 ] of such instruments of war in order to vainly – in the sense of ‘to no purpose’ – keep Ukraine supplied. All such shipments are either immediately destroyed by Russia or captured by Donbass militias. This has to be some kind of circus act, doesn’t it? Of course the thinking behind it is of burdening Ukraine with insurmountable debt – to be collected later. But what if there is no Ukraine to collect from?

When this is over and Ukraine has surrendered what remains of its military forces, the world will have witnessed the very best the US led west has to offer in defence of its ignoble war record and degenerate attitude toward the rest of the world. And then the west will also fall – lacking props to keep it upright.

The quote at the beginning of this piece is from the Andrei Martyanov blog, which is part of a larger quote from the Saker blog which in turn borrowed it from an original piece from Larry Johnson’s blog, here: ‘THE RUSSIAN TIMELINE CRITIQUE IN THE UKRAINE’ – Larry Johnson. I want to share the full quote listed by Martyanov here, since it provides a more complete picture of what I just said. There can be no doubt that this is the actual case. No lies. No embellishment. No excuses.

The US and its allies spent 8 years building up the military the Ukraine had at the beginning of Russian military operations in February 2022. This Ukrainin military failed to prevent Russian forces now from shaping the battlefield in Donbas creating the conditions for Ukrainian forces there to be cut off, encircled, and systematically destroyed. After 8 years – this was the best the US and its allies could do to prepare Ukraine. Despite the urgent (reported) flood of weapons and money into Ukraine now along with remedial training programs – nothing now can be done better or quicker than over the past 8 years – Russia is removing Ukrainian combat capabilities off the battlefield faster than the Ukraine and its allies can replace or regenerate it.

Johnson’s blog piece, linked above, also carries a disturbing video which I can’t separate or find anywhere else (without making an exhaustive search) of the recent Russian artillery bombardment somewhere near Nikolaev in southern Ukraine. It is disturbing only in the sense that I would not like to be anyone, soldier or civilian, on the receiving end of such a bombardment. A magnificent but devastating spectacle of nighttime assault. It is quite fearful, and the psychological effects on anyone in even the remote vicinity of such an event must be extreme – and long lasting. If you can, I urge you to watch. It is only a 24 seconds snapshot of what must have been many minutes and possibly hours of constant shelling.

Johnson’s piece was published on May 5 and I have noticed in the two subsequent days that there is significant movement in the Donbass region which I think will presage a complete collapse and surrender of the Ukraine military effort in coming days.

This began to occur also on May 5 when Russia withdrew some of its forces and militia units from the area between Kharkov and the Russian border, those abandoned towns were then taken over by Ukraine forces. I am not going to speculate why such a move was made, but it seems to have precipitated the Russian successes of the last few days. May 5 was the last day that Readovka displayed on its daily maps any sign of the huge cauldron it had shown since the beginning, west of Donetsk, and the write-ups from those three days fighting indicate many Russian advances in the area. I suspect the cauldron is now so fragmented that it cannot now be noted on maps of this scale.

You can read the Readovka daily Ukraine maps and military reports for those three days, below (and judge for yourself what is going on). The maps can be expanded and, if you have the Yandex browser, they can be translated to English (and possibly whatever language is your setting) – overwriting the original names. Quite useful even if you can read Russian.

‘Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts for May 5, 2022’ – Readovka

‘Map of military operations and the situation on the frontlines in the evening of May 6, 2022’ – Readovka

‘Map of military operations and the situation on the frontlines in the evening of May 7, 2022’ – Readovka

If you are not too familiar with maps of Ukraine, you may also like to use this interactive one from Yandex, which you can grab to slide or use the zoom at right to focus. A lot of these names will become familiar over the next days or weeks I would say. The marked point on the map (name revealed if you zoom in) is Popasna – a place significant in the recent fighting to begin thisnew stage of faster movement (I hope).

Yandex map of Ukraine focussed on central combat area.

The world needs to know the truth of what is going on there. Although a Russian news source, Readovka has no reason to lie or embellish the facts. A whole lot of western news sources are going to be vividly red faced soon over the lies thay have spun on this conflict and its background. The world also will be rocked by the dirty secrets of the west soon to be revealed.

I will do my best – as much as I am able – to present major events as they evolve.

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