Sixty Nine Years On, We See It Now

I found this image on The Automatic Earth. It contains all that I need to say for today.

The Mid-twentieth Century – the end of the age of great thinkers. Great ‘western’ thinkers anyway.

It repeats an excerpt from the 1953 book by Bertrand Russell, titled – ‘The Impact of Science on Society’. He was obviously considering western society. I don’t see it applying anywhere else. Although I do not set aside the thought that the author of this work may have considered himself to be one of the ‘rulers’. This is a bygone echo of what today we would expect to hear from the World Economic Forum – which did not exist back then, but did arrive shortly before Russell’s death at the age of 97.

And so it represents…

The end of western civilisation, in a nutshell. Do you see it too?


Extended version…

I know I said that was all I needed to say today …but… you didn’t really believe that, did you?

Anyway, I got to looking at a few more of the many quotes attributed to Bertrand Russell. Here are a few gems.

Here’s one, born of observation from his day and equally applicable to ours…

And my personal favourite…

Organized people are just too lazy to look for things

Bertrand Russell

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