The Longer-Lasting Story

I had to choose today between any number of stories on the war against Russia and the looming effects of the war against Russia. My choice arose because I have given up spending a lot of time in the search, preparation and execution of such stories. The war will unfold and end in the way it is set to do, whether or not I write about it here. I always knew that of course. I have never been so self-possessed as to believe it was anything other than that, though the zeal and inner compulsion to play some sort of part in such momentous events does draw one in to make whatever contribution one can.

And so my choice was, in the end, a simple one. Since the war is going well for Russia and, consequently, for the rest of the world eventually, resulting from a diminution of western influence globally, I chose to feature a story on the longer-lasting effects of such a war. A war which must end soon, simply because there is no longer the economic capacity for it to continue for long as previous wars have done. Making war has never been so costly and in the end it is people, like you and I, whatever the reasons or justifications may be, who ultimately bear that cost.

I am not saying that this war is unjustified and unreasonable. It is perfectly both justified and reasonable for Russia to have reacted in the way it has to the perfectly unjustified and unreasonable provocations and evil intents of western powers. I stand one hundred percent behind Russia on this. It was a necessary move – whatever the cost. That does not of course negate the cost. And it is a cost that will need to be paid by every man, woman and child on the planet.

That said, the story is this…

‘German Compact predicts world famine due to sanctions against Russia’ – News Front.

The advantage for me in this is that it does not require a long explanation. It is becoming self-evident. A factor that will increase in intensity as events unfold in real-time.

This is in fact a reality that has long been anticipated and we have simply walked into the trap which will precipitate the kind of hunger the world has not, apart from isolated incidents, known in current centuries. This is not like the situation at the end of the Second World War (Russia’s ‘Great Patriotic War’), when fortunes were made which set up some nations for economic dominance over later decades. Those nations are no longer in a position to repeat that windfall.

But before I set off to construct a long explanation, I am going to end this here, with a call for you to think for yourself what the future will hold – and what you can do to try to minimise the personal effects of such a disaster as is foreshadowed. Take some time to consider such things, is my advice.

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