It’s Rubles or Nothing …Get Used To It

I have to hand it to Russia. They are now sitting in the ‘director’s chair’, which is where they will need to be for a while as the brave new world is formed and ‘unfriendly’ nations are trained to act as responsible members of the global society of nations.

That is not going to be an easy matter for them to digest as they have been used to ruling the roost for centuries. Not any more. They will need to get used to how things are shaping up in the new ‘free’ world. Actually in the existing ‘free’ world – where the concept of ‘freedom’ has been purloined as a false banner of those who are actually subject to the opposite. You know the ones I mean – those who habitually try to forcefully spread their equally falsely misused iteration of ‘democracy’.

But they will eventually catch on to the idea. Although, probably (for some) not until their wobbly economies have folded and they sit huddled around campfires with nothing to do, nothing to eat and, basically, nothing at all.

The instructions needed to potentially avoid such catastrophe are being spelled out clearly. I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure word will get around. It’s a simple idea… Rubles or Nothing.

…and they only have themselves to blame for the necessity of its implementation.

‘Putin’s aide explains to Berlin terms of gas payment in rubles, says Kremlin’ – TASS

A small step in the onward march to a world of freedom and cooperation.

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