Everything You Thought You Knew About MH17 Is Wrong

MH17. You know about MH17, right?  Yes, I know it was something that took place 5½ years ago as a publicity stunt for Western Russophobia, but…

What?  That wasn’t the picture you had in mind?  You thought it was some dirty trick by Russia or its agents?  You bought that story?  Well, gullible you.

Now the truth has come out – and not before time.  There was no BUK missile involved in any way with the bringing down of Malaysian Airline’s flight MH17 on 17 July 2014.  Leaked documents from Dutch military intelligence prove that.  And not only that.  The documents also prove that the Dutch led investigation team (from which Russia was excluded but Ukraine – where it happened – was not) knew that all image ‘evidence’ to the contrary was concocted and doctored by Australian Federal Police – as part of their job on the investigation ie. to prove that it was Russia ‘who dunnit’ – based on dodgy images found on social media.  The whole thing was a Western setup of their perceived enemy – a setup now revealed in all its grungy, low down, filth.

What will the world make of that?  Probably nothing.  

Does the world even care?  Probably not.

Will the world even hear about it?  Unlikely – unless people like you and me spread the word.  Which is why I am writing this.  I don’t much care.  I know what the truth is.  

No BUK?  Then, what? 

The only really possible cause of the crash, leaving aside any other fanciful ideas, is that what took down the airliner came from another aircraft in the vicinity at the time.

The only other aircraft known to be in that vicinity – evidence of which was already provided but ignored or denied – were two Ukrainian fighter jets.  Ukraine denied this of course but, even if their denial could be justified, it doesn’t alter the facts – simply opening the question (raised by myself at the time) of, well, who was flying them then?  US?  CIA?  Who knows?  Well, somebody does.

So, what happens now?  Four ‘suspects’ in the case, based on rigged evidence, come to trial in absentia next month.  Will that charade still go ahead?  All that is pretty much down to global public opinion – how the world reacts to this news.   The Russian line, given by Kremlin spokesman DmitryPeskov says – as reported by TASS below – “…he could not anticipate possible impacts of the new information on public opinion on the global arena. ‘I don’t know, we cannot say anything. Let us wait and see’.”

I have said previously that I will not let this story die until the truth is revealed.  There is a chance for that to happen now, so come on folks, spread this around some. We need to make corrupt Western government officials – like the gung-ho Australian Foreign Minister at the time, Julie Bishop – grovel on their knees and squirm in their britches in embarrassment over what they have done – not ignoring the potential criminal charges that could be laid at their door, instead of Russia’s.

“No Buk missile systems detected near MH17 crash zone — leaked document” – TASS
Kremlin says new data on MH17 crash in Ukraine demonstrates that Russia was right” – TASS
“Leaked Docs Point to No Buk Missile Systems Around MH17 Crash Area, Dutch Journo Reveals” – Sputnik
-of which the Sputnik article is perhaps the most detailed.

At this stage I think it is pertinent to reprise some of my earlier writings on the MH17 event.

This from 2 days after the crash: A New Age of Global Paranoia – thinking around the general global situation – still relevant today.

This from a week after the event: Reasonable Doubt – with evidence of the presence of Ukrainian fighters. The links are still valid except that my Facebook page no longer exists.

This from two weeks later: The Silence Has Been Deafening – again the link still work

This from just over a month post-event: Something To Talk About – Kunstler’s view

This from 2 months later: Could Be Embarrassing For Some – a good video and very telling account of the incident and the possibility of air attack by SU-25 aircraft.

None of this was ever mentioned as being given any consideration as evidence by the JIT. They had their pre-conceived story and their doctored evidence.

This from a little over a year later: No Holding Back – The MH17 Saga

I am personally finding it very distressing to go over all this again. Especially so with the passage of time. And it is of little comfort to find that my own unchanged views and those of the people who contributed to the growing evidence of governmental and so-called investigative corruption and cover-ups are being ratified now, all these years later.

This from September 2019: Final Word (I hope) On MH17 – definitive evidence of aerial attack rather than BUK attack in the MH17 case. Sadly it was not to be the final word.

There were many other posts that I wrote to cover this tragic event, perhaps the most recent of which was late last year: Kiev Deploys Buks – in which I say – “In one version of events it was a Buk system that brought down the Malaysian Airlines passenger flight MH17 in July of 2014, killing all 298 people on board.” – never accepting that as being the truth of the matter. Never having given up on the air attack evidence.

Now, it seems, that faith was justified. It only remains for it to be widely accepted – and acted upon.

I think – have vague recollections – that the title I have given to this piece may have been used by others in the past. I make no apologies for its reuse here. It seems to be the only appropriate one for the task.

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