What On Earth Was He Thinking?

Did it not dawn on the Turkish president – or his generals (or are they too afraid to speak up) – that his soldiers in ‘observation posts’ behind the lines of those forces he was trying to curtail were in great danger of being at least imprisoned or potentially much worse, because of his adversarial actions?  If not, the man is deranged.

And apparently he didn’t, until today. After speaking with President Putin, I believe yesterday, the situation has obviously now been made clear to him.   

Turkey turns tail, and runs – under escort.


Well, that’s one step in the right direction.

And what has happened to all the dozens of tanks, mobile artillery and other equipment he has poured across the Syrian border in the past few days? In order to save some kind of face he is going to have to put up some sort of fight against the Syrian army, even if it is just some token effort. He has to lose men and equipment now in order to pull out with some self-respect to cling to.

And he can’t possibly have handed it all over to the terrorists, can he?

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