The Evening Fade of Western Light, with Daybreak Rising in the East

When confronted on their baseless allegations in any situation, and MH17 is just an example, Western interests have no appetite for participation in any form of sensible, honest, dialogue.  They merely attempt to bluff, bluster and bully their way through such impediments, taking unwarranted and mostly facile steps aimed only at establishing the appearance of them owning the high moral ground.  An appearance only, mind you, never anything of substance to support such claims and actions.

Of course anyone with any established credibility, or even the alert casual observer, must see the falsity, the naivety, the crudeness and deceit behind such moves.  Not to mention the pointlessness of it all.

“Participating is ‘pointless’: Moscow sees no reason to continue trilateral talks on MH17” – TASS

And the West wonders, or perhaps they don’t – perhaps they are too wrapped up in themselves, their own fabulousness, and their scheming plans to even notice – that it is they who are judged by public opinion, not those they falsely accuse. Such independent public opinion as there is, it should be mentioned – most opinion being synthesised, pre-formatted thoughts, washed, rinsed and injected into noise-numbed minds – and probably the only reason why nobody notices this is what is going on, continuously, all the time.

I suppose that is the way of the world.  But not for much longer.  The Sun sets in the West, and it is already slipping down beyond the horizon.

Good bye, good night, good riddance, we can say, as Western influence slowly disappears, with all its sleepy adherents. There will be few, if any, mourners – why bother? All of which is to be replaced by the rising of the Sun in the East.

Bring it on.

An interesting point to note is that while China is generally considered to be the East (from a Western point of view), the land mass of Russia is so vast as to  actually cover approximately 50% of the circumference of the Arctic Circle and can therefore be legitimately considered to encompass a whole hemisphere of the globe (at least it did until they sold Alaska to the USA in 1867, and it could be judged to do so even now) and also, by virtue of that fact (and since a considerable part of the remaining Arctic circumference is ocean water), twice a day it occupies both the Western and Eastern extremities of the world, from any single perspective. Which is more than any other nation of the world can claim. I just thought you should know that.  


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