Undermining Peaceful Interaction, Stupid US Schemes – Uyghur Assoc President

"Uygur religious organization blasts US schemes to harm China’s ties with Islamic world"  -  TASS Let this be widely known... "The anti-Chinese [political] forces in the United States … seek to create obstacles for cultivating ties between China and Islamic countries. We express our strong dissatisfaction and protest in this regard.  All attempts aimed at... Continue Reading →

“The Camel Marches While The Dog Keeps On Barking” – Uyghur Proverb

"Lies and slanders will not stop China's development. Western radical forces will not stop China's development. Nothing will. We have faith that people of all ethnic groups will continue to follow the Party and stay united. The best response to those attacking China and its Xinjiang policy is Xinjiang's stability, prosperity and harmonious development." Wang... Continue Reading →

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