“The Camel Marches While The Dog Keeps On Barking” – Uyghur Proverb

“Lies and slanders will not stop China’s development. Western radical forces will not stop China’s development. Nothing will. We have faith that people of all ethnic groups will continue to follow the Party and stay united. The best response to those attacking China and its Xinjiang policy is Xinjiang’s stability, prosperity and harmonious development.”

Wang Yan and Peng Wuqing for the Global Times: Published: 2020/9/4

I think I need not add anything more to that quote from the article shared below. Any rational person will immediately see the truth in those statements and the facts presented in this fine and illuminating piece.

“Xinjiang population growth best answers Western smear campaign on Uygurs” – Global Times

China marches on, unperturbed and flourishing, as the dogs of the West continue to annoy the neighbourhood with their harsh and irritating vocals. Sweet.

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