A Fresh Look at a New Round of Russia-bashing

Here we go again.  Sour grapes leads the wet dreams of the kindergarten-cops intelligence services of the West to hatch for its political/media mouthpieces a new round of baseless, evidence-free, Russia-bashing propaganda – hot on the heels of flinging hot lukewarm barbs of criticism at China in recent months.  

So weak.  So pitiful.  So expected.

Whenever the West finds itself in trouble, lagging behind leading non-Western world societies, with no hope of making any genuine marketable achievement themselves, their objectified opponents(?) about to shame their own paucity of ideas and capabilities with brilliant breakthroughs, they resort to false assertions of foul deeds by those same objectified opponents(?) – chiefly Russia or China, but also anyone else who may be in their sights for whatever perceived lame excuse they can manufacture.

The ploy is now so obvious to even casual observers that it has become almost forecastable and a matter for instant ridicule.  The West cementing for itself the unenviable position of being the global laughingstock.  What a hoot!

This time it is the turn of the UK to take the lead, leapfrogging over the back of the US and its recent anti-China baloney.  Australia of course simply tags along with either of those clown acts, while Canada is still trying to figure out what day of the week it is, and Europe is permanently stumbling on attempts to all walk together in the same direction at the same time.

And this is the best they can come up with?

“Diplomat rejects as baseless UK statements about Russia’s alleged election meddling” – TASS

Don’t those ‘UK statement makers’ know that the UK is quite able to turn any internal election into spaghetti and meatballs all by itself without any external participation of any kind?

“Russian hackers target organizations developing COVID-19 vaccines: UK security officials” – TASS

Don’t those unnamed and faceless ‘UK security officials’ know that Russia is likely, and soon, to be the first nation to manufacture a viable COVID-19 vaccine without recourse for the need to ‘hack’ the work of any other nation – see:

“Russia may finish first in race for coronavirus vaccine, says expert” – TASS

…and Russia is the only nation (I have read about) which has prepared quantities of blood plasma with COVID antibodies to help patient recovery – see:

“Over tonne of plasma for treating COVID-19 prepared in Moscow since April” – TASS

Other matters could also be raised, such as:

US withdrawal from ‘Open Skies Treaty’ – sour grapes at Russia’s hugely advanced technology for surveillance and data collection, which have seriously increased since the adoption of the treaty – see:

“US quits Open Skies Treaty in bid to fully control space – Russian defense official” – TASS

US need to bankrupt itself in order to upgrade its missile defence shield in light of Russia’s advanced hypersonic missiles – see:

“US needs billions to adjust missile shield for hypersonic missiles — Russian official” – TASS

There are other matters also, but hey, you get the picture?

The major problem is… Western folks only get to hear – generally speaking – one side of these stories. That’s where folk like me come in of course – a counteractive energy for the promotion of balanced thinking. For folk who may not think to turn the coin over to see for themselves – or who might not know where to look – but might learn to do so. That is my hope.

In these strange days, where everything is becoming unbalanced and upturned, where perplexed minds are seeking a little clarity – and perhaps questioning long-held views – a fresh look, from a new direction may in fact be all that is needed to clear away some of the fog and filter out some of the superflous noise. That is also my hope.

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