Self-interested, the rest be damned, bloody-mindedness

Is there a word suited to express the idea of ‘self-interested, the rest be damned, bloody-mindedness’?

“Why do you want to know?” I hear you say.  Well…  I’m always looking for new ways, and therefore new words, to express my hatred for those responsible for the outward puss-filled protuberances of US policy they are continually and aggressively attempting to inject into all others near and far.  You get my drift?

I am always also looking for good, honest, writings by brave and free-minded authors (Phil Butler is another one of those) whose work I can share as a basis to express my disgust at those who [insert that word I asked about, here], because I do not want my world contaminated by their [insert a derivative of that word, again, here] to the detriment and displeasure of all other global inhabitants of this wonderful planet.  You get my drift?

Please read on (and if you feel the same way, share)…

“Okay! The US Does Not Want the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway” – Phil Butler for New Eastern Outlook

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