The Unvaxxed Are Not ‘Variant Factories’

“To be willing to allow the government to inject you with whatever they want, because you think by doing so they will return your freedoms after they unlawfully stole them from you, is the action of a person who has willingly accepted their slavery. You are effectively submitting to being the property of the state. It’s pathetic, cowardly and servile.”

Computing Forever

I should give up writing. I can’t produce stuff like this – but I can share it.

That Computing Forever guy (Dave Cullen, I believe his name is) is very brave, and his logic and delivery formidable. And that lilting Irish brogue? You’ve met him before, if you read my previous post – ‘Blowing Your Socks Off’, that is.

Well, I consider this well worth sharing. I hope you do, and will, also.

‘Variant Factories: The Next Phase is Now Unfolding’ – video from Computing Forever, July 2021.

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