“No Cold War” Said Biden at the UNGA. Ha!

Alexei Martyanov blog

This is 21st century America.  I borrowed the image from today’s post in Alexei Martyanov blog.  He doesn’t say where he got it from so I can’t give proper credit.

This is what the Australian government wants to become of their own nation.  I wonder if the Australian people know that?  And if they do, will they again vote for such a government at 2022 elections?  Do they even have a choice?

‘Nuff said, no time.  But I can’t leave you without providing the opportunity to see the post the image came from…

‘Boy, Haven’t I Heard This Tune Before?’  

Lots of interesting stuff as always from Alexei.

“American generals do not know what it means to lose their families as a result of war, that is why they have such a cavalier attitude towards war.”

Alexei Martyanov blog

President Putin, on what would happen in nuclear attack on Russia…

“Yes, in this situation we wait for someone to use nuclear arms against us, not doing anything ourselves. But in this case aggressor should know that vengeance is inevitable, that he will be annihilated, and we are the victims of aggression. We will go to heaven as martyrs, and they will just drop dead (as animals do).” – [laughter from audience] – “They will not even have time to repent for this.”

Vladimir Putin announces ‘Russians will go to Heaven as martyrs’ October 2018

The face, at the precise moment, priceless.

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