The Fake PCR Test Pandemic Is Being Outed As The Criminal Exercise That It Is

Simply sharing. Here is the Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee 15th Sept 2021 – I wish there were a transcript somewhere (actually I just found one – thought I should just look before posting – link at bottom of post).

OK, that’s the stuff we all know, or should all know, and some new (to me) and perhaps surprising information is uncovered. Although Dr Fuellmich is looking very tired and lacking energy here. Understandably so, after all the hard work he has put in on this. But I wonder if he can gather his strength to take it to the next step? Someone has to, or everything is lost. It is a lot to ask of one man, no matter how many committees he has around him. This whole sad and sorry situation in which the world finds itself, would even drain the energies of and debilitate a superhero (if such existed). It should not be left to one man to take the initiative for all. But where are all the other men and women who are in a position – authoritative positions to command attention – and with the right attitude and views to act on this together – not just in Germany or the US, but globally? A crime of this magnitude, recognised as being perpetrated under German Law, repeated the world over, must also be a crime in most if not all other nations. Where are the right people to pursue this lawfully elsewhere? Before the streets of all major cities become too filled with blood, when the full extent of this outrage is known or even suspected by the common man.

I found a transcript of this video summary. It is by David Icke (of all people), but hey, a transcript is a transcript no matter who does it, and I have no recent knowledge of Icke’s activities – perhaps he is not so zany as he used to be years ago (my opinion). Here’s the link: Corona Scandal – renown lawyer is suing the promotors of the “corona panic” for “Crimes Agaist Humanity” – video & transcript

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  1. Excellent. I’ve shared it to FB but expect it will be taken down. I may consider putting it on my blog (which I no longer write),, but which still exists (I think)

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