Everything about Russia is just so beautiful…

In my next life I want to be Russian – Everything about Russia is just so beautiful…

Added later: The original link to this video was taken down but this new link is available (atm). If this disappears then there is still the VK link below, with English lyric sub-titles.

Such grace and charm.  The words do not matter but, if you want to know what they are, a version with English sub-titles is in this VK post. 

That beautiful song was performed by four members of the group Beloe Zlato (White Gold}.

And here is a free, kind of international, 40 minute open air concert from the whole group. I think performed while on tour in Warsaw.  A delight from start to finish.

Life can be so good.  Why are we ruining it, to so little advantage and for so little reason or purpose?

…and (I’m adding this just as much for myself as for anyone else, since I don’t want to lose it – or any of this) if you want to see this bunch of beautiful young women enjoying themselves informally, try this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSubQut8-Cg

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