Phantom Nation

Occasionally, The Saker produces a piece of writing that is truly epic in stature and ruthlessly honest in its directed thoughts.  On those occasions there is immense power in his words.  His latest post on ‘The Saker’ blog is one such epic and powerful piece.

The Saker makes an appeal to all who read that article to join him in making a declared statement that “Israel has no right to exist”.

I am more than happy to do that (although I would add the words “…as an independent state or nation” to the end of that statement), since without that qualification it is really incomplete – in my view.  I have already independently made such a declaration on a number of occasions in the past …and I am more than willing to do that again right here.  But, if you need convincing, read some of the Saker’s arguments to that end in this direct quote from his blog post…

“Israel has no right to exist whatsoever first and foremost because it is an artificial creation of West European imperialist powers. Second, it is a country which has always engaged in atrocities and massive violations of international laws and norms. Instead, Israel is based on a racist ideology which is, for all practical purpose, indistinguishable from Hitler’s Nazi ideology (both National Socialism and Zionism have the same roots in both time, space and culture, both being products of European secularism and nationalism). For these reasons, Israel, and the Zionist ideology which supports it, are both a clear and present danger for international peace and stability…”

The Saker

There it is then.  Are you both in agreement on that statement and willing to make a stand by also declaring it (or something similar) to be your own view, in your own sphere of influence – however large or small?

I was going to add some other appetiser quotes to draw readers into pursuing this line of thought to the Saker blog, but I think I have already said enough.  You will either agree with this or you won’t. And it is not my job to persuade you one way or the other. Here’s the link…

“Palestine: Hamas defeats Israel” –  The Saker

That victory may have been obscured by Israeli hasbara, but it is a resounding victory nonetheless. It also signals the beginning of the end for a Zionist state (still not universally recognised as such in the UN) in the Middle East.

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