The Syrian People Have Spoken

“Russia sees Syrian election as important step towards enhancing stability” – TASS

Once again it seems that both Russia and I see eye to eye.  The totally legitimate election scenario which took place in Syria over the past few days, culminating in a resounding victory once more for the only personage qualified and needed to hold that nation together for the next 7 years – the much loved President Dr Bashar al-Assad. 

I never doubted that the Syrian people would make that wise choice, and in the numbers who turned out to vote – almost 80% of eligible voters (some 14 million out of 18 million), 95% of them voting for the incumbent President – they have spoken, and loudly, that this is what they wanted. 

What the West may think, matters not.  In fact while this solidifying of Syrian democracy and sovereignty has been enacted, the West continues its slide into meaninglessness, rotting from the inside and with only a thin veneer of respectability remaining to be peeled away to reveal all of its deformed ugliness.     

Hmm… I think that about wraps up the subject for me, why not read what TASS has to say, and a few Images from Damascus.

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