End of the Line In Sight for US in Middle East

It begins to look like the end of the road for the US in both Syria and Iraq.  Take my post on “Herding Renegade Yanks” yesterday, reports of a buildup of Russian forces in Syria – 9 heavy-lift aircraft deliveries in 48 hours – continued reports of US forces abandoning bases in various parts of Iraq due to shelling and attacks by Iraqi opposition forces supported by Iran, the recent Russian-Syrian culling of ISIS cells in the Syrian desert, and this Southfront report today of what looks like an advance into SDF-US held territory across the Euphrates.

It can’t come soon enough.  Hopefully the US Doughboys have already begun packing for a trip home – where they will be needed soon enough to attempt to restore order there.

I get the feeling that a red line has been passed for Russia with the killing of a senior officer by resurgent US trained ISIS terrorists recently.

“On August 26th, reports surfaced suggesting that the Russian Army, together with the Syrian Arab Army, are preparing to expand their area of control to the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.” – Southfront

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