USIS (The US-IS – CIA Facilitated Conglomerate) in Iraq and Syria

The following is a quote from the Ron Ridenour book referenced in the citation. As far as I am concerned it is a reasonably accurate account of the situation it describes. I will make no further comment (you must make your own judgement) other than to say that this portrays the depths of depravity to which the United States (and the West generally) has sunk in the first two decades of this century. Out-evilling even the many evils they committed throughout the previous century and beyond on what is now a broken world, marred and disfigured by the actions of these disgustingly predatory nations. A world which they now seek to rule as overlords. That must never be allowed to happen.

Let me just add that Ridenour’s portrayal of the ‘terrible Bashar al-Assad government‘ is, or at least I hope it is, a sarcastic remark contrasting it with the truly evil Obama government. My personal opinion is that while elements of the Syrian authorities may not be in all things angelic, the President himself is a truly honourable man of high moral standing, not to mention courage – the exact opposite of Barak Obama.

You may have noted that exactly nothing has changed since the end of the arch-warmonger Obama era. The same wrecking crew having more or less been illegally reinstated to the reins of power in the US recently. Yes, I know this is ‘old’ news, speaking of things from several years ago, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded and, since nothing has changed, it remains current but largely unreported news. These facts should never be hidden or shrunk away from as being too unpalatable to confront. Evil thrives and survives on its deeds not being brought into the light. Of course, in America’s case, even public shame is unlikely to divert them from their detestable goals. That’s what history tells us.


Islamic State forms in Syria and Iraq

When the United States of America decided it was destined to bring democracy and liberty to the enslaved people of Iraq, and in the process killed untold numbers of people, destroyed much of their cultural and religious heritage, banned the Baath party and the army, pit Shiites against Sunni, it left an internal power vacuum that the terrorist al Qaeda organization decided to fill. Having never been allowed to exist during Saddam Hussein’s government, it sent members from outside Iraq to recruit unemployed and banned people by U.S warlords. They initiated an even more sectarian and terrorist organization known by its Arabic acronym Daesh, or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Wahhabi and Salafi fundamentalists saw their duty as forcing the world’s Muslims to abide by jihadist militancy and sharia law—men dominate women, who must not show their heads or bodies, rule by a patriarch who is omnipotent, and other strict rules. Their fighters grew to 30-50,000 by 2014-5. Already in April 2013 many went over to eastern Syria from western Iraq where they took Palmyra, and later into the northwest and seized Syria’s largest city, 7000-year old Aleppo. In June 2014, they took over Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.

Turkey helped them in northern Syria, as did Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudis hold to the same jingoist faith that encouraged IS to kill all “infidels” and destroy their cultural and religious heritage. Infidels include Christian, Shiites, Jews, and certainly atheists and true democrats. Nevertheless, U.S. Deep State appreciates their anti-Syrian government and anti-Russian government policies so they assist them.

Sometimes the CIA helps Daesh, sometimes they act as though they fight them since that is the American way. Since the President of the United States must hate them for some of their “anti” principles, Barak Obama put the CIA in charge of operations at an official $1 billion a year (later cut back 20% by Congress in a gesture of appearing rational) to fight both the terrible Bashar al-Assad government and Daesh in a balancing act for justice.

Ridenour, Ron. The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert (p. 320). Punto Press Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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