Doubling Down

Did my previous post scare you at all? A little bit maybe? I said some pretty scary things, like “We’re all going to die in the next 5-10 years” and talked about things like oxygen levels in the atmosphere reducing, of mass starvation and other horrors. And not a word of that was said lightly or without conviction as to the potential, probable, or even unavoidable truth of those statements.

I now want to double down on the information I gave in that post. To start with, why don’t you watch the video shared below, before reading on. It is an interview with the man whom I quoted earlier, at the end of COP25 held in Madrid in November of 2019. I have a great deal more respect for Dr Peter Carter now that I have seen this, him having been given the opportunity to talk freely and openly about the issues. There is much that will intrigue and undoubtedly sadden you in that interview but there is no mention, I think, of ‘billions dying’. Save those thoughts for the second video interview where a year later, a much more dour Dr Carter speaks to them – but watch that after reading the rest of what I want to say here.

Are things really as bad as I, and others, make them sound? Well, that is for you to judge, assuming you believe you are informed enough to make such judgments. And, if you are reading this, then I assume that is already the case or at least you are concerned enough to seek out such information – or you would still be partying like the rest.

Recently (May, 2018), the UN Secretary General stated that climate issues are now an ‘existential threat to humanity’.

What does that actually mean? That your lifestyle may be affected? That sometimes the shops may be out of the things you are looking for? That you may need to think about driving a different type of car? That you may need to holiday closer to home? That you may need to [gasp!] stop buying new season clothing, every season? No. You won’t need to worry about any of those things, or any other concerns for that matter. Why? Because you will simply be dead. That is the meaning of ‘existential threat’.

Oh dear, I wanted to talk more about atmospheric oxygen depletion due to the fact that GHGs are rapidly increasing (instead of falling) and that some other gas must make way for that increase and it seems to be oxygen that is losing out – more especially because we (as agents of climate change) are burning the forest lungs of the planet and less than a 2% fall in the normal just under 21% level of atmospheric oxygen will be equivalent to living on top of the highest terrestrial mountains, lower concentrations also becoming life-threatening, as per the data I provided yesterday.

I also wanted to talk about how our food crops all have a relatively small envelope of temperatures in which they will grow, including the most important grain crops on which the world so depends. This is not only affected by temperature bit also by the consequent shrinkage of land areas that will successfully support such crops and the falling availability of fresh water for irrigation. Not to mention the mass movements of people to live nearby to such diminishing areas – and all the things consequent to that, such as conflict over what is left and who owns it – not to mention the high likelihood of it all being eaten or destroyed with no reflection as to where the next season’s seed-crop is going to come from.

There are other things I wanted to say also, but I think that is enough for now. I’m sure you get the picture …and if things pan out the way they are expected to do, it doesn’t really matter if you do or not. Although I guess it would be nice to know why everyone is moving or dropping dead all around you and, by the time such things occur, there is unlikely to be any operating form of news service to tell you, or continue to misinform or lie about it. But humans are not like that. They need to feel like they are in control, even while living in chaos, which (some level of chaos, real or imagined) most of us tend to live in most of the time. We seem to like ‘living on the edge’. It kind of, like, makes us feel alive – gives us an adrenalin rush – or something like that. It is as though being relaxed and without troubles is somehow foreign to us. So if you are reading this and you can’t be relaxed about it all, then that is a normal reaction. I’m different. That hasn’t always been the case of course, but now I can discuss these things and think “well, Ok, if that’s the way it is going to be, then I can accept that. And I don’t need to run around like a headless chook trying to make it be something else. We’ll either get through it or we won’t.” But that is just me. And you are not me. You are you, and will react as you see fit. That’s the way things are.

A note about this second video interview with Dr Peter Carter. He is speaking here to Roger Hallam, a founder member of Extinction Rebellion – who spends much of the interview expounding his own views. I don’t personally rate ER very highly. The organisation is populated by well-meaning but dumb people who, knowingly or not, are supporting the ‘Great Reset’ agenda of the global corporate elite – which they think is going to save the world. This is borne out by the name of the TV channel they use – RESET-Tv. Nevertheless, the video is of good value, and you will find the ‘billions dying’ quote used there by the good doctor.

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