Woke, Woker, Woke-est-of-all

‘Repentance’ – JH Kunstler

The following are a couple of paragraphs quoted from Kunstler’s latest blog post.  You can read the rest of his piece at the link above. The blog tells the story of: “the vocational martyrdom at Smith College of a lowly staffer named Jodi Shaw, who objected publicly to the ritual indignities heaped on her by colleagues and students in the name of “social justice” ” – a further quote.

“Her story: Ms. Shaw, a divorced mother with two children (and Smith alum, 1993) worked as a Student Support Coordinator in the Department of Residence Life (that is, a dorm counselor). She was asked to denounce herself in staff meetings about “systemic racism,” and complained about it through the proper channels, which only invited more hectoring abuse. In frustration, she finally posted a video on the web to expose the Stalinist bullying that was allowed to infect every corner of campus life at Smith. The admin offered her a cash settlement to shut up and get lost. Ms. Shaw turned it down but resigned anyway in a long letter to Smith President Kathleen McCartney that she made public about the college’s hostile workplace. 

How does this happen? Because Wokery above all is about status, and the elite schools exist to confer status on the young people who can get into them, who then move on into an adult life of high-status (high-paying) employment facilitated by their old school connections. In prior times, the elite schools accomplished this by offering a superior education via superior faculty and superior curricula. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to promoting sham moral superiority, because it is a shortcut to gaining power over other people — and nowadays, elitism is no longer about excellence, but just raw power over others. As the Woke hysteria ramped up on campuses across the nation, and the various colleges and U’s started competing to out-do each other in moralistic fanaticism, Smith College vied with its sister schools and the other Ivies for Woke-est of all.”


Sadly, this is what current America is all about.  Well, not ‘all’ about, but becoming prevalent and working towards being ‘all about’, and the spreading of its prevalence throughout the West. It is good to see that not everyone is content to simply lie down and take it without raising a voice of protest and at the same time raising the alarm as to the swamp of moral depravity into which America is sinking.

Kunstler also provides a link to Ms Shaw’s Go Fund Me page where you will find this short appeal video…

I share this because, well, it’s a voice that needs to be heard …and heard above all the clamour of wokery.

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