“We Have No Greater Friend Than…”

This is an editorial, of sorts, i.e. it is not based on any source but my own thoughts. I have expressed those thoughts at various times in the past, though perhaps not recently and perhaps not so strongly as I hope to do now.

I ask the question “Why would any nation or people – not already in such a broken state of being that it doesn’t matter to them if they are further trodden down and abused, so long as they can have a ‘friend’, even a remote ‘friend’ – want anything to do with the United States of America in any other capacity than as an adversary?”

The USA has no friends. Period. And that is the only reason why representatives of that nation can truly say, of and to, those who mistakenly believe they have friendship relations with the US when told that “We Have No Greater Friend Than…”. Expressed mathematically – “No Friends” = “No Greater Friend Than”.

Let me clarify the reasoning behind that statement, so there can be no mistake. It is because the US cannot – legally cannot (it is written into their legislation) – make friends with any other nation. All other nations must submit to US domination, accepting their way of life and rules, or be destroyed.

Is that sufficiently clear for there to be no misunderstanding?

US legislation actually enshrines the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny into US law, and under the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, also so enshrined, they are obliged to scour the world, either dominating and subjugating to the ‘American Way’, or alternatively, destroying whatever and whoever will not submit to that.  Until the US becomes the only dominant force remaining, anywhere.

Don’t take my word for this.  If any of this is new to you, please investigate for yourself.  I said this would be my own thoughts and have given no references. But there are references to ‘Discovery’ and ‘Manifest Destiny’ in the article related to my previous post yesterday (might be a good place to begin a search) – which I guess is what prompted me to say this today. 

I have to say, as I have said before, I hate America and every evil thing it stands for. With every fibre of my being do I hate the very concept of that nation, and apart from the as yet not fully recognised danger to us all of climate change, the US is without doubt the greatest enemy facing mankind now and which has faced mankind for the last almost 250 years since its inception.

That nation must be broken down into its constituent parts – states or groups of states, which will no longer be capable of threatening the world order. Moves toward such restructure may already be under way in certain parts (you see it is not the people but the structural basis that is faulty – although many of the people have become brain-washed into believing themselves as being ‘exceptional’ in some way, goodness knows why or how)

Here are a number of points related to that:

  • The current destructive US laws must be made illegal in international law, and its current capacity for global destruction removed (then the rest of the world, currently under US threat or sanction, can safely do the same). 
  • The entire prior US region must also be submitted to international oversight for a while (a UN peacekeeping force perhaps) in order to prevent or deter massive loss of life in inter-group conflicts – until it is clear that they can peacefully co-exist. 
  • Much of the territory of the current USA will become uninhabitable due to climate change – as with much of the rest of the world – so some fluidity of migratory peoples and consequent border realignment must be expected.  But that is something we are all going to have to deal with – wherever we currently live.

I must end this editorial now, after one last thought.  Do I expect any of this to actually take place?  No, I don’t, except for the climate change part.  Which will, willingly or not, soon see – perhaps sooner than we think – an end to our current way of life, and perhaps an end to many of us as well.

Finally, I should also make mention of the fact that the world is, at this time, no further removed from disastrous global conflict than we were just prior to the outbreak of any previous such event. And that is, this time, as on the previous two occasions – though not widely known – entirely down to the actions and activities (overt and covert) of the United States of America.  Who, also on both previous occasions, rushed in at only the last possible moment to (as they would have us believe) save the day – and save us all from something much worse than they could ever be proven to be. Except that now, the cat is out of the bag.

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