Behind the Scenes in World Play

Public domain image from link in linked article

You want to know what’s going on in the world? 

Well, first you have to know where to look …and it may surprise you to know that your local, national or even international news services, print, radio, TV or the more well known online sources, are not the best places, not even close to the best places, to get that sort of information.

I know where to look, or at least I know many of those places and seek every day to check some of them, and all of them from time to time.  Many of them I refer to as my sources.  This is one of them, and this is the latest report published there.

Do yourself, and the world, a favour – catch up on what’s behind the latest headline event which matters.

‘Biden calls the “killer” ‘  Read all about it!  ‘Biden calls the “killer” ‘

‘Biden calls the “killer” ‘ –  The Saker blog 

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