“We need to face reality”

I wanted to talk of war, which is becoming an imminent and ever-present danger to all of us, but today, something else intervened and which I feel I must share. Tessa Lena is a young woman who is growing in my estimation - I receive a weekly email newsletter from her - occasionally a little... Continue Reading →

Peasant Wisdom!

A description (by self-confessed peasant, Tessa Lena) of the work of Tessa Lena in a remarkable piece or writing that will answer every question you ever contemplated and some you may never have thought of on any matter of importance today (or so it seems to me).  Whatever.  Young Peasant Girl with a Hoe Jules... Continue Reading →


When I found this amazing blog post (see also below, and thanks to Ilargi of The Automatic Earth, for the link) - in a truly amazing blog which is also known as 'Tessa Fights Robots', I first thought "Ah, here's someone who also enjoys playing the computer game 'Generation Zero', as I do. But no,... Continue Reading →

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