Normandy Four – Designed To Fail

Tomorrow, Monday 9 December, is going to be an important day in more ways than the one I talked about in my previous post.  It will mark the latest summit meeting of the so-called Normandy Four in Paris, ostensibly to “look for solutions to the conflict in Donbass”.

It will fail.  It will fail, as I have said several times before, because there are no points of agreement between the various parties and because only one side of the main parties involved in the dispute – The Kiev government of Ukraine – are represented in the talks.  The other side, the two new people’s republics of Donbass are not and cannot be represented by the presence and voice of Russia (as influential as that may be).

It will fail because there is no will on the part of either of the two main sides to make it work.

It will fail also because the Kiev government, even with the military backing of the US/NATO, is unable to impose its will on the people of Donbass.

It will fail because the people of Donbass also have zero interest in reintegrating with Ukraine.

All other matters that may be discussed, are therefore largely irrelevant.

The most important outcome from this summit then can only be that the member states come to agree that it is pointless to continue the reintegration charade, and allow the Ukrainians and Neorussians to sort out their own problems.

For the Donbass republics, the future looks bright and secure. they are already getting on with the business of developing as separate nations and beginning to gain recognition.
For Ukraine itself, which as I recently came to understand is not the name of a country but simply means a ‘frontier or border region’, and what today we think of as a country is based purely on myth, now a basketcase hotchpotch of various regions that without the prosperity and resources of the Donbass simply can have no stable economic future unless integrated with other nations (but who would want it – apart from the Americans as a thorn in Russia’s side).

So, while nothing much can eventuate from tomorrow’s discussions, I want to see it happen, and see it fail, so that a great many people can get on with their lives unhampered by the current unsettled impasse.

“Kiev names four key issues for Ukraine at Normandy Four summit”

“DPR stands against ‘updates’ to the Minsk Agreements”

“LPR ready for dialogue with Kiev if Donbass status law is extended – Pasechnik” – but has already “…chosen the path towards integration with the Russian Federation”

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