Cossetted Homestead Chooks

Have chooks? (That’s Australian for ‘feathered clucksters’, or chickens if you prefer)  I’ll bet they are not as cossetted (yes, that is correct spelling) as these ones, from Bev at Foodnstuff blog.  Without being in any way condescending (I understand she’s no spring chook herself), I don’t know how she manages all that.  This post is, I just noticed, from 2014 (how time flies) and I’m not sure how it came to my attention today, but it is still worth sharing for the information it contains.

“New chook run & coop”

Some excellent ideas – and lots of pictures to explain them.  Homesteading at its finest.

Homesteading? That doesn’t sound quite the right word for Australia – though it is commonly used. I don’t think we have a peculiarly Aussie word for ‘homestead’ – but then I have only been here for 38 years, so I’m not an authority on that. Perhaps if we put the word ‘Bush’ in front of it – Bush Homestead – that sounds a bit more Australian.

‘Property’ is another common term, better if adjusted to ‘bush property’. But properties in Australia can be huge affairs which at some point in size become morphed into being called a ‘station’. At the bottom end of the scale I know of no particular size for a ‘property’ to be differentiated from a ‘homestead’ but there is, at least conceptually, some difference. So, neither ‘property’ nor ‘bush property’ really fits the bill.

Why am I concerning myself with this? Umm, it was just a thought to play around with for a while. I am now happily living, with few regrets, free from most responsibilities and with hardly a care in the world, on a ‘property’ that is perhaps 10 metres by 10 metres, fenced on three sides, with nothing much more to do than write these sort of blog posts, play computer games and think about how I can grow some edibles or at least some herbs in the small amount of garden space I have available, after fixing up all the things I have to do around the house. Is that homesteading? Well, it’s not quite what I had in mind originally, but it will have to do (I’m not moving again – unless forced by circumstances), and I am surprisingly – even to myself – quite enjoying it.

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  1. Hi Bernie, quite a surprise to see notification of your comment in my inbox since I’ve pretty much stopped writing the blog, but thanks for the heads up. This spring chicken (NOT) is still going, but with a bit less spring in the step. LOL. Interesting to note the date of the post you referred to…2014. The tarp over the left side of the run (behind the polyhouse) has just shredded to bits and I was wondering how long it had lasted. 5 years isn’t too bad.

    1. A series of coincidences, Bev. I worked out how I came to see that post of yours yesterday. It was on a list of posts in an email notification of a ‘like’ you did. I expected to be seeing a fairly new post and it took me a while to work out how I had ‘liked’ a post before actually seeing it, but then memory kicked in. Stay strong.

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